Body cam of cops killing knife wielding man

Yeah, I know, I post a lot of anti cop stuff

But by the same token when  cops actually risk their lives to try and not kill someone,

I will post that too

7 responses to “Body cam of cops killing knife wielding man

  1. Fucking druggies.

    • Yeah man. Those cops did everything they could not to kill him. They probably should have opted for less than lethal (Spray, taser) about 30 seconds in. I respect them for their restraint. Takes a man with balls not to just pull the trigger

  2. This was a goat rodeo from the jump and highlights the piss poor training a majority of cops have.

    Why try to tase a suspect you have already shot five times?

    The incident had already escalated to lethal force the minute the asshole charged that cop…and now, when the asshole goes to threaten your partner you decide to de-escalate and tase him? How about reloading and shooting him some more? Did the cop think Electricity trumps bullets destroying vital organs and arteries?

    And the argument that the reason he went to tazer is his partner was in the line of fire is Bullshit…there was at least 30 seconds or more when the cop had a clear shot and could have taken it.

    I am all for Responsible Policing and Cops using Non-Lethal Force when applicable, but this was NOT one of those times.

  3. Why did the cop let himself get held?

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