Outdoor life reviews

I keep getting emails from Justin at Outdoor life reviews trying to get me to check out their site and link up.   Not irritating emails, but polite requests to drop in and see what he has going on.

I finally had a minute and dropped in.  I have been so busy that I have not had time to breathe (Damn that bastard Trump) RWT should know because I haven’t been able to send him that Viking spear head and Phil that irascible old bastard (Sorry brother) is still waiting for the cigars I promised him.

But I did drop in on outdoor life reviews. I saw a budding site that I think has some potential to go places and is worth a bookmark. Drop in and see what you think ; if it looks good throw the man a rope and put him in your blog roll.

Outdoor Life Reviews


5 responses to “Outdoor life reviews

  1. rightwingterrorist

    Too busy by half myself.
    If I do get a day off from my 12hr a day grind, I put in 18 at home and I’m still behind.

  2. You got it.I went from 0 during the Obama administration , straight to 100 now. Not complaining, 4 yrs. ago, I couldn’t buy work.

  3. Skinnedknuckles

    1. It would seem to be a rip-off of Outdoor Life Magazine’s trademark, given how they always capitalize Outdoor Life and the graphic style used seems similar to the Magazine’s. It suckered me, I guess, because I can’t find anything that confirms it is affiliated with anything but Amazon Services..
    2. I went to the site and to get a feel for the site clicked on Guns and saw a selection for “Pellot Pistols”. Didn’t inspire confidence.
    3. I still clicked on Pellot Pistols and the photo that first appears for the article for Best Air Pistol shows a young lady shooting a break action pellet RIFLE.
    4. I still clicked through and the reviews were brief but with some good information. It was not clear to me that the writer has actually handled or shot any of the pistols.

    • As I stated, I have been too busy to check it out much. I know the guy is trying to start something and am trying to give him a leg up. I do appreciate your read, your click on the link, and your input. BTW, If you need a pellet, review, rifle or pistol, I can give you one. Regards my good man JTJ

    • Forgot… BTW.. He has a disclaimer there that He is Amazon.. Click.. Sponsored. So if it is not on Amazon, it won,t be reviewed

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