Absolute truth


10 responses to “Absolute truth

  1. So glad I do not throw my money at them…never have.

  2. How long ago did Netflix hire the Obamas?

  3. It’s not just Netflix. All TV programming as well as most comedy specials are all White man bad. Minority good!!!

    Screw 200 years plus of national heritage and success as a nation.

  4. the other other Andrew


    Walking Tall – starring a mixed race man, not a bubba-redneck white dude.

    The Equalizer – starring a black man, not a grumpy old white dude.

    SWAT – a totally anti-white show where seemingly every major crime is committed by right-wing white racists using fully automatic weapons, and starring… a black guy…

    Magnum PI – now a hispanic dude who wrecks a car a week, rather than Tom Selleck’s character’s daughter (which the original show totally set up for them to continue the Magnum line…, bastiges!)

    I like the Rock. I like Denzel Washington. I even like the guy starring in SWAT. But, dangit, where are my white heroes?

  5. the other other Andrew

    What I meant to say was I agree with Glenda T. Goode…

    And no Netflix for me. I won’t purposely support the current Obama administration.

  6. rightwingterrorist

    Even worse is anything put out by Disney now a days.

  7. Why Netflix Has Decided to Make Diversity a Top Priority

    Obama put “Diversity Officers” in ALL of the Fortune 500 companies. Their role is to promote a progressive liberal socialist message. They are Political Commissars of the same ilk as what the Soviet Union used.

  8. rightwingterrorist

    So I get a plethora of newsletters and memos from the ceo.
    I can still register to walk in the Pittsburgh pride parade if so inclined. The senior mgmt is going to.
    I have to stand back and think, just what in the hell is a major steel company doing promoting a bunch of faggots prancing down the street? It isn’t like they affect our business. Why should major manufacturing promote degeneracy and perversity? Wouldn’t that go against our core values? Not to mention the pushing of diversity for diversity’s sake?
    Damn…. simply hate the diversity. so sick of being enriched.

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