Do you get it Yet?

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“Vaclav Havel, the power of the powerless”

“Our system is most frequently characterized as a dictatorship or,
more precisely, as the dictatorship of a political bureaucracy over
a society which has undergone economic and social leveling. I am
afraid that the term “dictatorship, regardless of how intelligible it
may otherwise be, tends to obscure rather than clarify the real nature of power in this system. We usually associate the term with
the notion of a small group of people who take over the government
of a given country by force; their power is wielded openly, using the
direct instruments of power at their disposal, and they are easily
distinguished socially from the majority over whom they rule. One
of the essential aspects of this traditional or classical notion of dictatorship is the assumption that it is temporary, ephemeral, lacking historical roots. Its existence seems to be bound up with the
lives of those who established it. It is usually local in extent and
significance, and regardless of the ideology it utilizes to grant itself
legitimacy, its power derives ultimately from the numbers and the
armed might of its soldiers and police. The principal threat to its
existence is felt to be the possibility that someone better equipped
in this sense might appear and overthrow it.
Even this very superficial overview should make it clear that the
system in which we live has very little in common with a classical
dictatorship. In the first place, our system is not limited in a local,
geographical sense; rather, it holds sway over a huge power bloc
controlled by one of the two superpowers. And although it quite
naturally exhibits a number of local and historical variations, the
range of these variations is fundamentally circumscribed by a single, unifying framework throughout the power bloc. Not only is the
dictatorship everywhere based on the same principles and structured in the same way (that is, in the way evolved by the ruling
super power), but each country has been completely penetrated by
a network of manipulatory instruments controlled by the superpower center and totally subordinated to its interests. In the stalemated world of nuclear parity, of course, that circumstance endows
the system with an unprecedented degree of external stability compared with classical dictatorships. Many local crises which, in an
isolated state, would lead to a change in the system, can be re-
solved through direct intervention by the armed forces of the rest
of the bloc.
In the second place, if a feature of classical dictatorships is their
lack of historical roots (frequently they appear to be no more than
historical freaks, the fortuitous consequence of fortuitous social
processes or of human and mob tendencies), the same cannot be
said so facilely about our system. For even though our dictatorship
has long since alienated itself completely from the social movements that give birth to it, the authenticity of these movements
(and I am thinking of the proletarian and socialist movements of
the nineteenth century) gives it undeniable historicity. These origins provided a solid foundation of sorts on which it could build
until it became the utterly new social and political reality it is today, which has become so inextricably a part of the structure of
the modern world. A feature of those historical origins was the
“correct understanding of social conflicts in the period from which
those original movements emerged.”

 Take up the fight now or take it up later when It’s the hard fight. I know, I joke about this dumbass all the time; but she is no joke.    Have no mistake about her or her handlers intent; She is a revolutionary  bent on the overthrow of our country. She is a clear and present danger and should be addressed as such. Ignore her and the cadre of democratic socialists running for office at your own peril.      The time to address things peacefully may be running short.

6 responses to “Do you get it Yet?

  1. “The time to address things peacefully may be running short.”
    Wrong……we are WAY WAY WAY past the ‘awkward stage’
    that Claire Wolfe wrote of more than two decades ago. We aren’t
    negotiating or voting our way out of the quandary we are in. The ONLY
    way freedom will be regained will be via a THOROUGH watering of
    “The Tree Of Liberty”……and it won’t be done with a garden hose.
    We are past the peaceful resolution point and very rapidly reaching
    the KILL THE COMMMIES or SURRENDER AND DIE point. There is
    no third alternative.

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  2. We are here now because people have been ignoring the threat for decades.

    I am glad to live in these times. It is great to see more people are waking up to the travesty. And when they do see it for what it is they are upset, horrified, feeling betrayed, and finally resolved to do what is right to scour the scourge from the planet. This can only lead to a renewed sense of civic duty.


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  3. rightwingterrorist

    I’m with Dan.
    Add in the open borders, and we’re in for a hell of a fight.


  4. exact!
    i tell people it looks foolish and laughable but the danger is great


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