After Innocent Couple Murdered Over Cop’s Lies, Houston Police Vow No More No-Knock Raids

From a link sent by Crazyeighter

Houston, TX — It has been three weeks since the Houston police department fabricated information which led to a no-knock raid on an innocent couple’s home. The botched raid left and innocent husband, an innocent wife, and their dog—all murdered—as well as four cops shot. Now, in a move TFTP has never seen, the Houston police department is claiming they are taking steps to prevent future scenarios like this from happening—by ceasing the use of no-knock raids.

“The no-knock warrants are going to go away like leaded gasoline in this city,” Chief Art Acevedo said during a heated town hall meeting on Monday.


“I’m 99.9 percent sure we won’t be using them,” he continued. “If for some reason there would be a specific case, that would come from my office.”

4 responses to “After Innocent Couple Murdered Over Cop’s Lies, Houston Police Vow No More No-Knock Raids

  1. Some People in that Dept. need to spend the rest of their lives in jail.
    Some People being EVERYONE who ANYTHING to do with ordering or carrying out this atrocity. General population, no special treatment.

  2. Everyone is watching the birdie! Goines wrote the first draft. His Sgt., Lt., and Captain each added to, and changed the affidavit in support of the warrant. Then the DA rewrotethe affidavit before it went to the judge. There is enough conspiracy to commit murder for all involved. The defendant who was working off one of the famous HPD contracts, who intentionally set the Tuttles up needs to go for life. Channel 2, KPRC reporter Sachse reported over 20 times that it was an atf warrant, that atf was on the scene, all according to her high ranking, inside the HPD source. Since hpd is a major supplier of agent applicants to atf, was this a practice run for Waco-2?

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