Tree way

Squirrel party

8 responses to “Tree way

  1. I’ve never seen a black squirrel.

  2. rightwingterrorist

    Black squirrels are just a color phase of grey’s. It’s passed on genetically. I’ve a bunch in my back woods. They seem to be taking over the neighborhood. No shit.

    • I know the reds are a different species and Grays will drive them out of their territory

      • rightwingterrorist

        There are only a handful of squirrel types in N. America. Basically there’s red, grey, and fox. There’s variations among them, but really that’s it. Some folks claim that blacks are their own species but they’re not. Red squirrels are very territorial, mostly because they store their food in their territory. Used to see lots of reds growing up in MI. AK is chock full of them. Since moving to the South I don’t believe I’ve seen one. It could just be my areas. Oh, and chipmunks, I haven’t seen any chipmunks in the South either.

      • I hail out of Illinois originally and actually miss the chipmunks. At parks and such, they were hand tame. Here in my part of Florida we are chock full of grays and super extra size Fox squirrels. I’ve rescued and released a bunch of grays and two fox (Plus 5 flying, 2 raccoons, A possum who could never release and a screech owl)

      • rightwingterrorist

        My old man had a tree business. Seems about every spring we got a new batch of critters to raise from trees he cut down. Coons, squirrels, flying squirrels, various and sundry birds, etc…
        Some lived, some died, but it sure was fun as a kid.

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