Welcome to Florida : Church van from La. in collision with 2 Semi trucks, 7 people perish in the flames

This is about 50 miles North of my location. Condolences to all involved.

“Two big rigs and two passenger vehicles collided and spilled diesel fuel across a Florida highway Thursday, sparking a massive fire that killed seven people, authorities said.

The wreck happened on Interstate 75 about a mile south of Alachua, near Gainesville. The flames were fed by about 50 gallons of diesel, authorities said.

Eight other people were taken to the hospital, some with critical injuries, the Gainesville Sun reported.

The crash involved a church van from Louisiana that was headed to Orlando, Spectrum News reported.

Emergency crews extinguished the fire and said they were treating the crash as a homicide investigation. The fire was so intense that authorities said it damaged parts of the road.

A spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol told The Associated Press in a phone interview that their top priorities were to conduct a thorough investigation and to identify the deceased victims.

“There’s going to be families that need to be notified that their loves ones have perished,” Lt. P.V. Riordan said.

It’s unclear whether the victims were killed in the wreck or whether they burned in the fire, which would make identification more difficult, he said.

The aftermath closed part of the highway in both directions, causing massive delays.”


8 responses to “Welcome to Florida : Church van from La. in collision with 2 Semi trucks, 7 people perish in the flames

  1. I heard the NTSB cant investigati with shutdown

  2. Last year I came across a double fatal accident on that same section of road. Weird and tragic.

  3. Sending Prayers to all the families of the deceased.

  4. Lisa, the FDLE is perfectly fine on investigating the crash. They do most of the actual NTSB scut work anyways. All that the NTSB does is compile and supervise, with some additional testing.

    With the many issues with our Florida highways, FDLE has lots of experience. And the I-75 section from the Wildwood interchange (where the FL turnpike branches off of I-75) north to I-10 is a congested mess of traffic, with the average speed somewhere around 80ish, and too many out-of-staters driving somewhat to well over that. So you have clumps of normal speed tractor trailers surrounded by swarms of idiots on roads that are constantly being repaired or modified.

  5. Dur… Acronym hell!!! Florida Department of Law Enforcement = FDLE.

    Why FDLE? Because some federalist jerks already highjacked FBI.

    And the area where the accident occurred? It’s in the middle of a bunch of dipsy-doodle hills (more like very tall waves) so just enough grade to affect the speeds of semis and other laden vehicles while passenger vehicles can just power through at speed.

    At least it wasn’t like it was Dec 23rd in 1989 when the interstate was iced over from Georgia down to Ocala. I could hear cars sliding and crashing on the interstate from my house a mile away.

  6. Dur, FDLE = Florida Department of Law Enforcement, because FBI was already taken.

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