News from the front: Georgia road bandit shot dead after preying on armed citizen


A road bandit, monetarily preying on citizens for the state of Georgia, was shot dead Thursday after confronting an armed citizen. The citizen, apparently at his wits end after being pulled over, fled on foot.

The road bandit, who is currently unidentified, was shot and killed during the chase when the citizen pulled out a fire arm and fired at him.

The citizen who is also unidentified, was later hunted down by a larger group of Road bandits and killed in a firefight after dogs were released on him.

Nationwide this is the 46th killing of a Road bandit or associated Government officer.

In a typical year almost 2000 Bandits are accused of crimes against citizens and are themselves arrested.

In New York city alone, $385 Million was paid out in a five year period to settle abuse claims against the cities bandits

So far to date in 2018, Road bandits have killed 947 citizens nationwide


One response to “News from the front: Georgia road bandit shot dead after preying on armed citizen

  1. rightwingterrorist

    As is proper, highway men should be hung for all to see.

    …but I’ll settle for just shooting them.
    Last one I ran into just gave me a warning that he would steal from me, after pulling me over around 6 dark thirty in the morning.
    He hung out with his brights on in my blind spot for about 5 miles. The whole time I’m wondering just who is this asshole?
    I’m guessing he was looking to see if I was drunk or something.


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