Dipshits rob the wrong store: Get shot all to hell at pharmacy

Gang of Thugs Try to Rape Granddaughter – Then Grandpa ...

“A clerk foiled a robbery Tuesday afternoon at Smithgall’s Pharmacy in Lancaster city by shooting one of two alleged robbers, hitting the man several times, police said.

The other alleged robber, who was wearing a black mask and black clothing, fled the West Lemon Street pharmacy and remained at large at last report Tuesday.

“They came to the store on a mission,” police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser said of the suspects.”

Medics rushed the wounded man to Lancaster General Hospital, where police said he was in surgery late Tuesday afternoon. As the suspect was being carried on a stretcher, he was yelling as if he were in pain, a witness said.

Shortly afterwards, former Mayor Charlie Smithgall, the pharmacy’s owner, walked out of his business at 536 W. Lemon St. with what appeared to be blood on his shirt. He gave a wave to onlookers, sat on a stretcher, made a phone call and was taken to a hospital. Police said Smithgall was not shot.

Police would not immediately say whether it was Smithgall or one of his employees who shot the suspect.

Police said both suspects fled the pharmacy. Officers found the wounded man on the ground along Pine Street.

Police recovered a handgun they believe was carried by one of the suspects.”


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