Again : Cop kills police dog after it attacks him

Am I reading too much into this to say that these guys must really be assholes?

A Texas police dog serving an arrest warrant with officers Friday at a Waco, Texas, home suddenly turned and bit his handler, forcing another officer to fatally shoot the dog, KWTX reported.

“The dog could’ve killed him,” witness Larry Dobbins said, according to KXXV. “I agree what he had to do (to) the dog. He didn’t want to but it happened.”

The officers and K9 were with U.S. Marshals serving an arrest warrant at a North Waco home at 12:30 p.m. Friday when the Belgian Malinois turned on its handler, reported the Waco Tribune-Herald.

“At that point, another officer on scene was forced to put down the canine to save the officer,” Officer Garen Bynum said, according to the publication.

Initial reports said the dog bit the officer on the hand, but KWTX reported the dog bit him in the groin near his femoral artery.

The officer was hospitalized with minor injuries, reported KXXV. A SWAT team later raided the house but did not find the person whom police were seeking, according to the station.

Police did not name the officers or K9 involved, reported KXXV.

On Sept. 1, a Columbus, Ohio, officer shot and killed his K9 partner, also a Belgian Malinois, after it attacked him during a training exercise, McClatchy previously reported.


4 responses to “Again : Cop kills police dog after it attacks him

  1. No you are not reading too much into it. Cops love to shoot dogs. That is an empirical fact.Just Google it and read some of the articles. One article I read stated Cops kill 25 dogs every day in America! Disturbing.

  2. Waco, eh? The dog woke up and realized who the real criminals were.

  3. Any dog that bites a human should be shot.
    I would have shot it too.
    Good shoot.

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