Coward cop murder’s man in his own apartment

Yes, I have had a burglar in my home at 1:00 A.M

Yes, your Adrenalin is through the roof

But remember the rules:

# Always identify your target before shooting#

It’s called having some balls and not being trigger happy

She could have withdrawn, but chose not to

In my instance I ended up holding my daughter’s 16 Yr. old boyfriend at gunpoint in my superman underwear

We weren’t supposed to be home and he broke in to look for love letters in her room from his best buddy

Stupid kid shit, but a decent kid

I risked a little to identify him in the pitch black and put him on the ground

But I made no grieving mother that night


One response to “Coward cop murder’s man in his own apartment

  1. My theory on what really happened:
    She got home from work in a bad mood. Jean was making to much noise upstairs, like normal. She went up to his apartment to complain, again. He told her to #@!& off, again. Being in uniform this time, she killed him, thinking her shiny badge would let her get away with it.


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