From a reader

Commenting on “Tough guy takes kid’s Trump hat, throws drink in his face”
“You guys only see what serve’s you, huh?
White wank ass bitch beats a 90 something year old Mexican man who was VISITING. That kid deserves it, on behalf of his “President” and all the assholes that follow suit. They made politics and assault the standard, so fight fire with fire. That’s what revolutionaries do. Fuck the USA, that’s NOT where I grew up, that place used to be fucking awesome…fuck all of you.”
“That’s what revolutionaries do”
No we gun little fuck’s like you down in the streets

7 responses to “From a reader

  1. The 90 year old Mexican gentleman is an American citizen who was only visiting family in Los Angeles. The woman who assaulted him is a black woman, not a white woman. Get your facts straight, you whiny liberal.

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  2. Moron doesn’t even know it was a black women who used a brick to beat a 91 year old Mexican. But hey, if it serves the cause. You can reason with Leftards, you can’t show them the facts, you can’t show them the truth, you can only deal with them as you would with a disease ridden cockroach.

  3. rightwingterrorist


  4. So, “X” happened, something completely unrelated to the topic, so therefore anyone who disagrees with me deserves to be attacked. Gotcha. Great logic…

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