Local business owner trying to hire hit man to kill HPD officer , hires undercover cop

Of course he did. Dumb shit, all hit men are undercover cops

After that it was just all fun and games for the cops; staging a murder, taking payola

What a dip shit you are Mohammed

“HOUSTON – A man was arrested after he tried to hire a hit man to kill a Houston police officer, officials said.

The sources spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity.

According to one of the sources, the target was a patrol officer stationed on the east side.

The suspect was identified by police as Mohammed Mohamed, 47.

Investigators were alerted in May and early June of someone shopping for a hit man.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo said Mohamed, who owned a shipping business, Overseas Cargo, in east Houston, wanted the officer killed because he believed the officer was interfering with his business operations.”

“Acevedo said Mohamed was given several penalties and tickets by the officer for too many vehicles parked on his property. He was fined for city ordinance violations in the neighborhood of $2,000.

Police said Mohamed wanted the officer to be “disabled” by paying someone to throw acid in his face, but due to Mohamed receiving more tickets, he wanted the officer dead.

Acevedo said Mohamed met with someone he thought was a hit man, but who actually was an undercover police officer, covering his face with a baseball cap and bandana. Police said Mohamed covered his face because he did not want to be extorted by the hit man.

Acevedo said Mohamed made many statements to kill the officer and agreed to pay the hit man $2,000 in cash to get the job done. Acevedo said Mohamed told the undercover cop that he did not want to meet with him to pay the deposit until Ramadan was over.

Police said Mohamed met with the undercover cop and paid him $500 in cash and the $1,500 balance would be paid on the execution of the hit.

Investigators staged the officer’s death, took pictures of the officer looking like he was “dead” and staged it to look like a robbery. Acevedo said the officer was not in uniform when the murder was staged.”


2 responses to “Local business owner trying to hire hit man to kill HPD officer , hires undercover cop

  1. “Mohammed Mohamed” Do they even have a naming convention?


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