YOUTUBE terminates Brownell’s channel

“In a move that is both shocking and unsurprising at the same time, the video hosting powerhouse YouTube has terminated Brownells’ channel citing violations of their “community guidelines”. In the professional business of gunsmithing, tools, parts supply, accessories and more recently firearms sales, Brownells has been a pillar of the shooting community for nearly 100 years. While countless old-fashion catalog sales companies died off with the ecommerce revolution, Brownells adapted, embracing online sales and customers with an easy to navigate website and strong social media presence.

It is unclear at this point what part of the community guidelines YouTube alleges that Brownells violated to get terminated or if there is a possibility of being reinstated. However, as channels with a heavy following continue to receive strikes, warnings and terminations, the fate of user and corporate generated firearms content on YouTube are becoming bleaker by the week.”

One response to “YOUTUBE terminates Brownell’s channel

  1. And on another front…I am advised by LL Bean they have contracted with Citi Bank for their credit card services. This being the same bank;…as reported in this linked article.
    I’ve contacted Bean and advised I will no longer be a Bean cardholder or customer and will do all in my power to publicize their decision so that others may make a more informed choice as to whether they wish to continue a relationship with either Bean or Citi Bank.

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