What a crock


2 responses to “What a crock

  1. This is from England, right? Crazy, irrational, repressive, muslim-loving, England. Self defense is not allowed. Can’t be ‘islamophobic’, can we….. Well, I say if an English girl is ‘groomed’, or harassed, or raped by one of those mongrels, then she has the right to take a nice, sharp, pointed knife (obtained from her kitchen), stab the bastard in both eyes, and then cut his nasty balls off. Let him bleed out, slowly, painfully. That is what should happen to all the muslim scum who have invaded what used to be a relatively safe western nation. A nation that protected its people from outside invasion. Evidently, those days are now just a quaint memory. I feel so sorry for the few decent English people left to such a sad existence.

  2. Well the UK England is not as bad as Scotland.

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