Netflix one of Rosanne show’s major advertisers

So, what’s the big deal?

So is Microsoft

And Pepsico

And Google

But Netflix just hired Michelle and Barack Obama

And earlier Susan Rice

So why would these ultra liberal advertisers want to be on Rosanne?

Because they know that her far right persona is just a character

She went Alex Jones/Alt right shortly before the release of her new show

Let’s not forget that she is a former Wannabe Green party presidential candidate who had Cindy Sheehan as a running mate

As a peace and freedom party candidate she attended Occutard protests and in Nov. 2011called for rich people to face re-education or to face the guillotine

Rosanne is also an avowed socialist and has praised communism

That’s right, her entire right wing “Trump supporter” B.S. is a scam

Her new show was never intended to do anything but discredit and mock those on the right

Ironically she went to far and the whole thing blew up in her ugly face

Rosanne, you suck and always have

Your show was always about degenerate morals and parenting

Now you can go back to Hell where you came from



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