Waiting game

Generators ready, water, food, fuel etc.

Now it is waiting to see where the beast turns

I have my shop shuttered at work but am holding off on the house

If Irma takes a turn into the gulf I will have to do the house also

I made hurricane shutters a few years ago and this will be the first actual use

The ones I made are of this type , but painted all nice

Holes are drilled into the masonry and latches affixed

Each window has a pulley like this mounted on the wall above it to make installation a one man job


The only big deal are these windows here in the back room

There are 4 of them and they span over 16′ and are 70″ tall

The roof you see outside ( Painted white) is actually a giant hurricane shutter mounted to the building with 10- 4 hole door hinges

The post showing through the window is removable and the whole shutter is lowered with a 2500 Lb. winch mounted in the attic

With the sheathing, shingles and what not it probably weighs around 650 Lbs.

Not something I want to do multiple times a year but if a Cat 4 , 5 beast is coming, no problem

We shall see

I am about 90 miles north of Tampa and if it travels up through the state it will only be about a Cat 1

If it gets loose in the gulf, which is really hot, and then comes in, we have a problem

We are high and dry 11 miles inland but on a high and windy ridge

Anything less than a Cat 3……

And it is hurricane party time



4 responses to “Waiting game

  1. Keeping you in prayers XO
    Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

  2. Stay safe! Thinking about you guys! Keep us posted!

  3. Hope it misses you or just gives you a little rain and wind Brother…

  4. rightwingterrorist

    Hang on tight.
    Looks like you’re in for a wild ride.
    I’ve a sister about a hour from Tampa, she’s staying too.
    Just got back from a 6 week hitch in the CO oilfield patch.
    My place looks like it’s been hit by a hurricane while I’ve been gone.
    Best wishes.

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