Trump pardons Arpaio

It’s all right for Arpaio to break the law , yet people in his jail on misdemeanors were in pink jumpsuits camping in tents in the desert. The law as written, is the law. Break it and pay the consequences……Unless you are above the ;law. Hypocrisy at it’s worst.

3 responses to “Trump pardons Arpaio

  1. What law was not followed? Judges order? Do we live under rule of men or the rule of law? BTW he was convicted of the contempt of court. Are you saying it was not legal for president to pardon him.

    • It was perfectly legal for Trump to pardon him. What law was broken? 41 instances of stopping and detaining people without probable cause. His Dept. has also paid out tens of millions in lawsuits for the same thing. This isn’t Russia, you don’t take some one to jail because you suspect their papers aren’t in order

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