Police shooting body count: 633 citizens killed so far in 2017

White – 254 Black – 137 Hispanic – 97 Other – 18 Unknown – 127 Body camera present – 63 Body camera not present – 570 Under 18 – 29 18 – 29 – 192 30 – 44 – 215 >44 – 166 Unknown- 41 Male – 607 Female – 26 There […]

via Police shooting body count: 633 citizens killed so far in 2017 — Deborah Lee Jarrett

2 responses to “Police shooting body count: 633 citizens killed so far in 2017

  1. Bill Wallace, a Yankee apologist

    Some people just need shooting. And these include articles like this one which doesn’t bother to explain why these people were shot and seks to foster the image of police as mad dog killers.

    Thank you for demonstrating your honesty and integrity.


    • You should do some more reading on that website and you will find out why. It is page after page of liars, murderers, child molesters and degenerate dirt bags. What they all have in common is that they are cops. So I don’t necessarily accept the narrative when a cop says he “Feared for his life” and the shooting was justified. Take this as an example “Three current or former police officers in Chicago were indicted Tuesday on charges of conspiring to cover up the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager killed by an officer in 2014.

      McDonald’s death, captured in a video released the following year that shows him being shot while moving away from officers, set off protests and continues to reverberate through the Chicago police department ”
      So am I concerned with the official narrative as told by the cops? Yeah, not so much


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