Karma alert: Thieves steal bag with bomb in it


“Two people are in critical condition after a bomb went off inside a pickup truck in Winnipeg on the weekend, setting ablaze the vehicle and four occupants, police said.

A man, 27, and woman, 20, are fighting for their lives in hospital. A man, 22, and a boy, 17, were treated for serious injuries, including severe burns.

The explosion happened around 11:15 p.m. CT Saturday in the city’s Brooklands neighbourhood. Immediately afterwards, the truck drove into a fire hydrant at the intersection of Gallagher Avenue West and Midmar Avenue.

The improvised explosive device was in a bag inside the cab of the truck when it accidentally went off, Winnipeg Police Service spokesman Const. Rob Carver said Tuesday.

“The four victims who were injured were not intended victims,” he said.

Carver said he was unable to provide specific answers because of the ongoing investigation. He noted, however, the bag was brought to a 7–Eleven parking lot at Gallagher and Keewatin Street by someone not connected to the four people from the truck.

‘All of them are saying it was a flash before their eyes, because they all thought they were going to die.’ – Nick Chastellain

That person left the bag to go inside the store and it was then stolen by the people from the truck, he said.”




One response to “Karma alert: Thieves steal bag with bomb in it

  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    WOW so this group stole someones BOMB! They are paying a high price and who were the intended victims?

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