@RobinMeade #Bobbleheadnews

Nothing is more irritating in the morning than landing on CNN’s Headline news during the A.M. news scan

Everything is always happy, happy and it is headlined like high school news

Sports and diets and celebrities are the usual highlights punctuated by a “Salute to the troops” and Robin Meade braying like a donkey

All real news is normally ignored

They usually lead with hard hitting headlines like” Yesterday there was a big controversy about twerking…………..”

But this morning everything is about Trump and how many meetings he had with Comey while Obama had only two

It is hilarious and rather pathetic to watch as they try to deliver what they consider to be actual news about the upcoming testimony with dead pan seriousness and choppy punctuated delivery

This is the very same channel I was watching in 2008 just before the election when the bobble head financial blonde came on and said ” I hate to say this, but if you really want your money to be safe you have to take it out of the bank”

It is pathetic

The whole production is just a thinly veiled mouthpiece platform for the Hacks at CNN who have been promising us for years that they were so bad that they were leaving the news business for good

Please do

All you produce is slanted and biased manufactured news that no one watches except by accident

Now that would be a headline



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