Help a brother out

If you are not familiar with TL Davis or his Blog Christian Mercenary, he can be found here:

TL, while right in the middle of finishing his movie “Lies of omission”, did this in a bad car accident

Now more than ever he could use some help towards the finishing film

TL is not a summer patriot as some are. He is dedicated to the cause of liberty and has been here for the long haul. Like so many others in the three percent/ Patriot movement TL has been on the front lines and by doing so has invested much blood and treasure in the game.

Due to TL’s activities on behalf of a free America he has suffered financially and I am sure emotionally

But he doesn’t whine or give in to ill fortune

He has dedicated to continuing the fight

And now he is bringing the world “Lies of omission” a documentary told by the leaders of the liberty movement

This is important to all of us who would choose not just to be an obscure movement, but rather a force in the world

“Please, go to the link below and donate towards the finishing of the film

P.S. You also get goods for your donation

Lies of Omission is currently being edited to make it a true FILM, rather than just another documentary. This is an important film every Millennial should see…by force, if necessary.
Mike Vanderboegh
David Codrea
Larry Pratt
Claire Wolfe
Matt Bracken
Kit Perez
Give their unique perspectives on American Freedom and with their intellect and passion they demonstrate the value of America and what is worth saving.”


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