Citrus county Florida targeted by Russian hackers

What a load of crap. They are just propagating more of “The Russians are coming”.  Citrus county is the bumb fuck county that I live in with 135,000 other citizens of the state.   Question: Why do they need access to the voter registration system? Everything on there is public record. Besides that, this is Trump town I live in. The Democratic party doesn’t even have a building here in town.    This is another part of an attempt to subvert a duly elected president and effect a bloodless coup.

By Buster Thompson

“On the last day of October or the first of November 2016, just days before the general election, Russian hackers targeted the Citrus County Supervisor of Elections Office, along with more than a 100 other government offices in an attempt to gain access to voter registration systems.

The Intercept on Monday reported the cyberattack, which was referenced in a leaked National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence report, anonymously obtained by the online national security outlet.

According to the NSA report, hackers worked since August to infiltrate a U.S. voting software provider, VR Systems, a Florida-based software vendor for many voter registration systems, including Citrus County’s.

VR Systems does not provide software associated with ballot marking or counting, according to a statement.

Using data stolen from VR Systems, hackers then sent spear-phishing emails on Oct. 31 or Nov. 1 to 122 email addresses connected with government organizations and officials “involved in the management of voter registration systems,” according to the NSA’s report.

These malicious emails contained infected attachments, purported to be from VR Systems, which if opened would grant attackers the same access to their victims’ software.”