Getting out of the hood

That’s what happens when some white boy wannabee actually ends up in the ‘Hood


2 responses to “Getting out of the hood

  1. Having grown up in ‘da hood, I can attest that it is no way of life. Tried to tell that to my son when who had just found an after-school job at the age of 16 when he broke the rules.

    The knucklehead said that since he had a job and didn’t approve of how I was handling his rule breaking, he’d rather move out. I told him that he could leave anytime he wanted but that it would be a one-way ticket.

    Mr. Tough Guy left but four days later was back in tears and begging me to let him come back home. I did but only after laying down the law to which he agreed to follow. That evening at dinner, he looked up at me and said, “mommy, the ghetto is no way of life.”

    One look at you gif for some reason took me 21 years back to that moment.

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