To serve: Hernando county Fl. cop fired after abandoning elderly man with catheter bag in his underwear

– The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office says a deputy was fired for policy violations after his interactions with a man wearing only underwear and carrying a catheter bag.

An Internal Affairs investigation report says Deputy Jeffrey Lamondra violated several policies when he and another responding deputy called a cab for a 60-year-old man in his underwear and holding a catheter drainage bag at an address in Spring Hill.

The report says Deputy Lamondra and Deputy Brian Schneider were sent to Mariner Blvd. just before midnight on February 12, after someone called about a suspicious person. The deputies found Patsy Horan, for whom they called a cab to take him to the address associated with his name in the law enforcement database.

About an hour and a half later, the cab driver called Zephyrhills police because Horan would not get out of the vehicle, the report says. The driver told police Horan refused to leave the cab because he did not live at the address. The report says officers realized Horan needed medical help and, under the Baker Act, took him to the hospital.

The sheriff’s office says Horan is now getting the care he needs at an assisted living facility in Zephyrhills.

Meanwhile, the investigation found Deputy Lamondra violated several rules related to preliminary investigations, computerized records security, and the code of conduct. Lamondra, a 10-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, was terminated.

“An Internal Affairs Investigation revealed that Lamondra’s inactions during a call for service involving an elderly person are in complete conflict with the basic doctrines of public service. Deputy Lamondra brought significant embarrassment and discredit to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office,” a statement from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said.”


And here the scumbag is getting an award for being such a diligent “Hero”

This very same scum bag got to transport my wife after she was falsely arrested

This dirt bag sat there while his buddy , Dustin Mormando tried to shake down one of my friends for “road side bail” for my wife

I heard every single word that transpired over an open Phone connection and every word these two degenerates wrote in their report was a lie

On the upside, he got an uninterrupted drive with my wife who was a little less than happy, especially after he told her that the 4th amendment did not exist anymore

I believe after that ,that he was filled in on the doctrine of the 3%, his lack of manhood, the fact that he was a bully and Etc.

Good bye and good riddance you crooked , scumbag loser and I can’t wait to post a good bye to the rest of you here too.

And one final thing: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You fucking asshole !!!


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