2010 : Huma was asked to plan #Hillary’s funeral

But it didn’t quite work out


Real story here: http://nypost.com/2017/03/29/that-time-huma-was-asked-to-plan-hillarys-funeral/


2 responses to “2010 : Huma was asked to plan #Hillary’s funeral

  1. Right outa’ “Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein!!” It couldn’t be funnier?/ Humma told hil. “Ven You Veak up you vill be a new Voouman!!!!” Bitch is still alive!!
    Gotta’ go fix a fresh “Hiball!!”

    • “Hiball!!” a concoction of Whiskey, some kind of soda cola and squeeze of lime!! When RUM is used in place of whiskey ya’ have a “Cuba Libre'” I “Clarify” just so some libtardhillarysucker tries to say I’m doin’ one of those “Hiballs” like John Belleuschi injested (Injected) {Cocaine and Heroin) I call his/her/whatevermodifiedgendertheyclaim bluff and he can go take one of those “Frisco Speed Balls” .. insert it where the sun does not shine!!
      GOT THAT??

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