Rand Paul: ‘Easily 35 No Votes’ Against Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0


I actually expected Paul Ryan’s image to come up when I Googled the term

Instead it was Curly

But even Curly has more sense than Ryan and the RINO’S

Every Republican in the country should be running as far and fast as they can from this

No one sent them there to “Repeal and replace”

They are simply recycling Demspeak

They were sent there to repeal and get the fuck out of our business

Stop meddling in inter state insurance sales

Stop price fixing Pharmaceuticals

Stop limiting the amount of Doctors

Get out of the free market period

All the RINO’s want to put their brand on this and it is doomed to fail

And that shows you how smart they really are



4 responses to “Rand Paul: ‘Easily 35 No Votes’ Against Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0

  1. rightwingterrorist

    Clearly, they thirst for death.

    • Oh, just stop. You are blowing your New Years resolution all to hell.

      • rightwingterrorist

        Well, to be fair, it really wasn’t a New-Years Resolution.
        More of a decision to attempt to be nicer, more polite, and happier.
        …and I gotta tell ya, it ain’t working.

      • A shame. I was feeling pretty hopeful myself and the giddy is kind of well.. going. If you send me an email at eatgrueldog@yahoo.com with a non P.O. address I will see if I can send you something that will brighten your day.

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