Democrats Threaten To Block Funding For Border Wall

Senate Democrats are apparently pushing ahead with their proposal to cripple President Donald Trump’s presidency by blocking his campaign promise to build a secure border wall between the United States and Mexico’s drug runners, criminals and illegal immigrants.

The threat, leaked in early March, was made clear in a letter from Democratic leaders in the Senate, who said they were “concerned with reports that there may be an effort to include funding for a very expensive border wall” in a special budget planned for early 2017.

“We believe it would be inappropriate to insist on the inclusion of such funding in a must-pass appropriations bill that is needed for the Republican majority in control of the Congress to avert a government shutdown so early in President Trump’s Administration,” said the letter, which was signed by the Democrats’ Senate leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and other Democratic leaders, including Democrat Sens. Dick Durbin, Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Sen. Patrick Leahy.

The letter was shared with a variety of media outlets before it was sent to the GOP leaders, including Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnnell.”


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