Bullet bounces off of woman’s head

“Rather than suffering a fatal gunshot wound, a Redmond woman’s evening of TV watching Monday was merely interrupted when a stray bullet bounced off her head.

After going through at least one exterior wall of her neighbor’s home and then a fence, the 9 mm bullet entered the woman’s home, went through a picture frame and — in the words of the Redmond Police Department — “bounced” off her head at about 9:45 p.m.

A bullet normally travels hundreds of feet per second, but this one had slowed significantly when it turned the survivor of the freak accident into the luckiest woman in Deschutes County.

According to Redmond police Lt. Curtis Chambers, the woman’s injuries were superficial.

“She had a knot on her head. You could feel it, but it didn’t bleed or puncture anything,” Chambers said. “It was like having a small rock thrown at you.”

The bullet came from the victim’s neighbor, who fired the round from inside his home at 2486 SW Wickiup Ave., Chambers said. When officers arrived, they followed the bullet’s trajectory to an exit hole in the neighbor’s house.

Ryan Pine, 24, was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of reckless endangerment and second-degree criminal mischief.

Pine also had an outstanding warrant, and drugs and alcohol appear to be involved in the incident.

Chambers said it was determined Pine was not shooting at anyone, or attempting to scare anyone.

“What he was doing is not exactly clear,” Chambers said.

While the victim certainly caught a break, the luck didn’t stop with the bullet’s forgiving encounter with her head. Whether it was an act of God or the simple desire for change, a rearranging of living room furniture likely saved her life. According to Chambers, the victim told officers that she had changed the living room’s layout the week before, moving the couch away from the spot where the bullet entered her home.

“Had her furniture been arranged in the previous position, it’s possible it could have struck her immediately and caused more of an injury,” Chambers said.”


I have actually seen it happen

We were shooting at a dead oak tree from 10 Yds. with a .38 special

The tree was still standing and as hard as a rock

My wife hit it dead center and the bullet came straight back at her and hit her in the forehead

Talk about a shocked look

She didn’t move a muscle except to slowly take a finger and feel if there was a hole in her forehead

Luckily there was no damage except a bump and a bruise

I was lucky that I didn’t catch one too

Once I realized that she was okay I couldn’t stop laughing like a hyena


One response to “Bullet bounces off of woman’s head

  1. “….like a hyena…”

    Know just what you mean. That’s what made that phrase so funny.

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