Republican rats still stalling on Obamacare repeal

“A key lawmaker working on an Obamacare replacement insisted Thursday that the healthcare law will be repealed, despite widening skepticism among even Republicans.

“Yeah, it’s gonna happen,” Rep. Mike Burgess, R-Texas, said at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday afternoon.

But Burgess didn’t have an answer when pressed on when Congress will vote to repeal and replace the healthcare law — although he did say it will happen before the next CPAC.

“We will get it done,” he responded simply.

Burgess heads the health subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of two House committees working on a replacement to the healthcare law. The plan is to use a budget reconciliation bill to repeal and replace much of the law, but Republicans are still struggling to nail down its details and ensure it will have enough GOP support to pass.

President Trump has promised he will roll out an Obamacare alternative next month, and House Speaker Paul Ryan plans to hold committee markups on the plan, too.

But there’s broad skepticism that Republicans will be able to rally around one plan. Former House Speaker John Boehner predicted Thursday that repeal and replace is “not going to happen.

But they could pass vote after vote while Obama was there to veto it

These scumbags have nothing else in mind than re-election

Right now they are afraid to jump on Trump’s bandwagon because it might crash


3 responses to “Republican rats still stalling on Obamacare repeal

  1. I want to gouge my eyes out and shove nails into my ears every time I hear “repeal and replace.”
    “Replace” should never be part of the equation.
    Destroy, obliterate, incinerate, eradicate are much better words.

    • “Replace” …How about the Govt. stays the fuck out of the healthcare business? Insurance starts to go down because of upstarts in S, Dakota. Lobbyists lobby congress to pass a bill banning the sale across state lines. Congress passes a law banning the sale across state lines. Now congress declares the problem is that they can’t sell across state lines. It’s enough to make ones head explode

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