Stickin’ it with style


3 responses to “Stickin’ it with style

  1. That’s gorgeous. Any idea where to go to acquire one?

  2. Bill Bagwells “hells belle” diamond lace damascus. If you can ever find one , don’t let the cost throw you. It is the best. Also , watch out for these mail order “damascus ” blades. A lot are just acid “washed” or really folded steel, just inferior “white steel”. (sorta like “german silver”, which is not silver but nickel” Carbon content is key. 15n20 folded with 1095 should be your minimum. They will rust , a little motor oil goes along way.
    Blades like this are not for show and tell but “BIZNAZZ”. Don’t forget to get some soft arkansas to whet it, and hit the first quarter inch of the tang with an edge for the deadly “back cut”. Bagwell has videos and books. (you tube)

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