Arguing with idiots

It’s a shame that I have not been able to wipe Trump’s victory in some douchebag liberals face

That is until today

What started as an argument about debt escalated until said liberal was screaming in histrionics about Trump, his “Racist wall” and how Hillary actually won the election

Yes that is how delusional they are.

Want to have some fun?

Go out and do some trolling and then bring up Trumps victory

They really can’t stand it

Lots of whining and tears and”He’s not my president”



Reality? If you Do you have evidence that counters the fact that Obama spent around 90 million over 8 years compared to Trumps 12 in just one month then you are welcome to tcite it.

    • Where is your source?

      • It’s actually according to the conservative group Judicial Watch, and is based on federal government records.

        Oh dear for you, right? What are you going to do now? My guess is tuck tail and scoot.

        • That’s alright. Chairman zero made up for it by giving us a national debt larger than all other Presidents combined. No scooting here Jon

          • It’s a fact that can be verified via federal government records. Jesus christ you people are obtuse when proved wrong.

            • I am not obtuse at all and I was not proven wrong. All I asked for was the source of your material.

              • You said, “And your facts come from where?”

                We gave you the facts, you shut up, then backed away. That right there is proving you wrong.

                • Yes genius. That is called “A question”. Wow. you are thick. Furthermore I did not shut up. Read the comment. It addresses the tremendous debt that chairman Zero accrued for our nation.

                  • The supposed “debt” he accrued is a deflection because you were shown the facts and then shut up. We aren’t discussing dept, but comparing how much money has been spent so far because of Trumps vacations.

                    Anyway, you got shown the door, and obviously have nothing to say about it. lmao next.

                    • And once again, I simply asked a question about your sources. Yo do understand what a question is don’t you? And a source when you post something as fact?


                    • It is not deflection. You are upset by giant debt caused by Trumps vacation. So how about the debt that Obama ran up that equals more than every other president ever combined? This is apples for apples. It is about cost.

                      • It is a deflection. It’s not only Trumps vacation, but the costs to new york as well. The amount of debt being accrued will surpass Obama in a year or so if it’s kept at that rate.

                        • It is 19 Trillion. I somehow doubt that.

                          • And only going up with Trump. Trade wars with the world, a 50 billion worthless wall. Tanking the economy. Brilliant moves Trump. Brilliant.

                            • None of that has happened. Should I remind you……Trump won and is president. haha!

                              • Well, you’re right about the wall at least, that racist monument will never ever happen. As for the trade wars, beef ranchers in Texas are already the first casualties thanks to the TPP being taken out.


                                And hopefully it will all be put to rest once Trump is impeached next year.

                                • Wow! talk about deflection. Hit a nerve reminding you how badly Hillary “Bobblehead ” Clinton lost and how Donald J. Trump is now your president. Mission accomplished. Over and out.

                                  • Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million people. Besides, your boy Trump is a national joke, and on the international stage an even bigger one. In the words of Sean Hannity, “Not my president.”

                                    And it’s hilarious you tout the “mission accomplished” slogan which is one of the reasons our national dept is so high in the first place. What a disaster of a war that was. Mission accomplished? LMAO yeah no.

                                    • Bush is an idiot. I meant my mission was accomplished….. To make you lose it. That is being shut down. When you go so far off topic and start to get histrionic about impeaching Trump. hahahaha!


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