Sometimes it pays not to be a dick

I just stopped by the local McDonald’s and ordered some food

There are 2 drive through lanes and you have to fight to get into the pay lane

I went to pull into the pay lane just as a lady in a pick up truck went to do the same

I was a bit ahead of her but instead of being a dick I stopped and waved her in ahead me

I was starting to re-think the decision as it seemed to be taking her longer than usual at the window

Just as I was about to regret the decision she pulled ahead and I approached the window

The teller asked if I was the 1/4 Lb. meal to which I admitted I was

“Well, Happy birthday” She said with a smile” That lady up ahead just paid for yours”

I looked ahead when she said that and just as the truck made the corner I saw her wave out the window at me

Yep, sometimes it pays to remember your manners and not be a dick


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