Buried in work

Too busy too post. Have fun without me


4 responses to “Buried in work

  1. Buried in work is a good thing.
    I just got 37 hours in 3 nights and working into daytimes because we got back to back snowstorms.
    Tow companies made a fortune- cars in ditches cars crashing into other cars.
    We had some idiot slide into us-trashed the front of their little Hyundai. Just knocked some rust off our ’97 Chevy 1500 Z-71 bumper. Guy looked like he was gonna cry.
    We get to go do it all again at 1am.
    Guy I subcontract from went through 40 tons of salt since Fri. night.
    We’re way ahead of last winter and we have all of Feb. and March to go.

    • Things are good all over…. Not quite, but on the improve. Maybe with that America hating son of a bitch out of the way we can get moving again

      • Seems to be really picking up in building trades here in Ohio and friends tell me N.C. has lots of work. Same with a couple other states.
        My daughter got hit head on by a guy who crossed center line. She’s getting x-rays now. Did CAT scan n are doing MRI. She’s got broken ribs for sure prob. broken leg and her knees are all bruised up. Guy that hit her died at accident scene. On my way to hospital now. Was out salting when I found out. Finished up in record time.

      • Good luck Larry. Hope for the best for you.

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