Absolutely incredible

The volume of work this season is astounding

Went from the worst year on record to 6 and 7 O’clock every night

Not that I am complaining at all

Without a pick up from ’15 to ’16 we were done

I closed out ’15 with $10.00 in my business account and so much stress that I was ready to welcome a heart attack

Maybe with Trump in the boom will continue

Over the past 8 Yrs. we have drained all of our savings, infusing it back into the business

All I know is I am going to get it while I can and try again to make a financial future for the wife and myself

Happy Hump day everybody



2 responses to “Absolutely incredible

  1. Good luck to ya!
    The last 4 years for me have been financial and work(less) hell.
    Rifled through the savings as well.
    Got a shitty job now that’s paying minimum, 60 plus hours a week plus an hour drive both ways, that in reality does not pay the bills.
    God, I hope things pick up.

    • I am pulling for you. I really hope things improve. It’s the big suck when you save for ten years and have every dime slip away. Ever thought about trying an online venue? I have but can’t break away from the physical world.

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