I know. I am racist


2 responses to “I know. I am racist

  1. I live in south east asia since 5 years and the are just as racial as other people. Being scandinavian makes me well accepted but considered a bid dumb. Some other ethnicities and religions are are if not hated rather despited. Imo most people have racial issues to some point and the once who say they have none are the worst predjudicts in many cases. I think It’s ok to have some racial issues, we are only human. What is important for me is to not cultivate them to hate and start acting on them. In scandinavia you can only be a racist if you are white. If politicians are considered a race or a religion I’m super ultra racial! Kill all the good for nothing leeches is my motto about them. Well maybe not kill but measures should absolutely been taken to make sure that they are unable to reproduce in any way that can be thought of.

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