Emanuel Urges Trump To Continue Key Obama Immigration Policy

“CHICAGO (CBS) — In a private meeting in New York, Mayor Rahm Emanuel delivered a letter to President-elect Donald Trump, urging him to continue a federal program that allows some undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation.

The letter, signed by Emanuel and 16 other big city mayors, asked the Trump administration to continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) system enacted by President Barack Obama, until Congress passes a comprehensive plan to overhaul the immigration system. The federal program allows immigrants brought to the country illegally as children to avoid deportation and get work permits.

After the meeting, the mayor said he made it clear the Trump administration should embrace young immigrants who voluntarily gave the federal government their personal information so they could stay and work in the United States.

“All of us fundamentally believe that those are students. Those are also people that want to join the Armed Forces. They gave their name, their address, their phone number where they are. They’re trying to achieve the American dream. No fault of their own, their parents came here. They are something we should hold up and embrace,” he said. “We are clear, as mayors, that these are DREAMers who are seeking the American dream, and we should embrace them rather than do a bait and switch.”

Emanuel Urges Trump To Continue Key Obama Immigration Policy

Rahm “Dead fish” Emmanuel urging more of the same

I am surprised that this asshole still has unfettered access to air

They have not gotten the hint that the rubber is about to hit the road?

Same old is done, as it seems that everyone has had enough and has passed the threshold limit

But they will not get the hint until it becomes a shove instead of a nudge

Fuck off and die you crooked POS


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