Just a question……

Holiday Gun Sales Expected To Remain Strong

Anybody here running out to get guns and Ammo because Trump was elected?


5 responses to “Just a question……

  1. Yes, Yes, and yes. Breathing room means train harder.

  2. Pace yourselves endurance wins of speed – tortoise and the rabbit 😉

  3. Not yet, must make some dough first…
    I did get sent to Houston for two weeks over the election for company training. I went with my get home bag and an AR with 7 loaded mags pus various other sundries.
    I kinda thought that there could be a chance of the festivities breaking out no matter who won the vote. Of course I did consider it being TX that most folks would be well behaved and I really had nothing to worry about, but better to be ready for something than not to be.

  4. picked up 150 round of 9mm Winchester for 19 cents a round. Fill up when price is right as we will got through this again in 4 more years.

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