This time last year I was sitting on my much depleted Summer reserves

By the end of January I literally closed my business account with $12.00 in it


The strongest showing since 2011

Of course I have restructured, scaled down and gotten rid on most of my employees

But still I am coming into the Thanksgiving holiday solidly overbooked and with more work than I can handle

I am already booked almost to Christmas and am going to have to work my butt off to keep up

Since the bust we have dumped almost every last dime that we saved to keep the business floating

Now it would appear that I will be heading into the dead zone (Dec- early March) with the prospect of survival

Should I say that I am heading into the new season with a sense of….


I guess you could

But if I suck some in the meantime, that is why

Nose to the grindstone




7 responses to “Incredible

  1. It’s weird-same up here in Ohio-I’m usually so slow by now I get to hunt deer half of Oct and most of Nov, and take off for the weeklong deer gun season- starts Mon after Thanksgiving.
    Been hunting exactly twice so far.
    Still getting calls for work every day.
    If it snows a lot this winter- I’ll make up what I lost the past couple years.
    Winter is my slow season,so I plow snow in winter-usually makes up for slow work-some years I make as much in winter.

  2. Sounds like things are definitely turning for you, and that’s a very good thing.
    I can feel your pain about the last several years, the last 4 have been particularly disastrous for me. The wife, kids, and mortgage don’t pay for themselves. Kept my nose to the grindstone, went back to school for another degree, hustled, and now have a new job/career. It’s not paying much yet (minimum wage) but with perseverance it should in a month or two. Things are looking up. My hunting season is going to be shot also, but hey, I’m working non-stop, and that’s a good thing. Congratulations on you turning things around!

    (Formerly rightwingterrorist, but changing the moniker in the hopes that the new admin will not openly consider me so.)

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