Just barely

Image result for dodged a bullet

But there will be a next time.

They will not stop while they have breath and money

Clinton is gone for now, but she or someone as bad or worse will be coming to take her place

And meanwhile tyranny will be creeping in on the local level and the leftists will be stirring the social pot

Rest up, but don’t be done

Take some time and enjoy but bear in mind

This is only a new stage of the game, not the ending

And remember that history has always been determined by a determined few

As for me , as always

Not one more fucking inch






4 responses to “Just barely

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  2. that’s 100% just like a virus. you think that you have gotten rid of it but it just mutates and in some cases it becomes even harder to get rid of it

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying the media meltdown and just as expected from day one they continue to slime.

    “Not one more fucking inch”
    Totally, totally with that.

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