Stank face

Man, I have never gotten so many dirty looks in my life

Apparently a lot of people did not see any humor in my Hillary sign



4 responses to “Stank face

  1. Take sign and big black marker. Mark thru the 16 of 2016.
    Write in in big words – NEVER as in 20NEVER!
    Trump is in, witch is out – I still hate her as much as ever!

    • The end of Hillary in our lifetime I hope. Please just let her expire quietly somewhere. And BTW, hope you had a good day enjoying the 1st day of President elect yesterday. A breather perhaps?

      • A breather? LOL! Did you?
        You and I both work and after work for me it was hours of reading and catching up on all the first day stuff!!!
        I will say – at office – we spent quite a bit of time discussing election night, family reactions or non-reactions because of disappointment.
        I have a brother so liberal you would be cross-eyed talking to him. He couldn’t speak till next morning. Said he didn’t see that coming.
        Another brother conservative for sure but doesn’t keep up enough to have seen transition of Trump from first to last. He continually said T had no possible chance.
        That night he texted me and said – boy am I going to eat crow tomorrow.
        Was fun for me because I was confident in the win. Those crowds. Those absolutely amazing crowds – I knew a lot of America had finally woken up.
        Now if everyone won’t just go back to la-la land thinking we no longer have to be vigilant.

      • I am certainly glad it turned out. Now it is like 911…Never forget.

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