Larry is allowed back in the kitchen



2 responses to “Larry is allowed back in the kitchen

  1. Reminds me of a restaurant owner I worked for-the guy would come back behind the line,get in my way,and just stand there bitchin about shit I had nothing to do with-I used to keep a bottle of brandy on a shelf over the stove for those occasions.
    Warm brandy in a pan of hot butter makes an awesome flame.
    After I singed his hair a few times,and left the drawer to the broiler open a few times so he hit it with his arm when he turned around,he got the message.
    Told me it was dangerous to work next to me-at which point one of the mouthier waitresses-she was from Florida by the way-told him that it was only dangerous when he went back behind the line and got in my way.
    Then she tells him that if he’s in my way-it fucks up her orders,which fucks up her tips,which fucks up his dining room. She went on for a couple of minutes,but I laughing too hard to hear the rest.
    For the next two years she got the guy out of my way every time he came in the kitchen-her first couple drinks after work were on me at the local bar we all went to every night we worked together until I quit.

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