Southern cornbread Enchiladas(Casserole)

Skill level- Easy

Fairly deep pan (3″) 8 “X 8″ or could be done in two loaf pans

1 1/2 pound ground chuck or better

1 – Medium onion, chopped

4- Seeded and veined Jalapeno peppers (Substitute Poblano if you want no heat)

2- cloves chopped garlic

2-16 ounce cans of quality red enchilada sauce

(Hatch, El Monterey etc. If all you can get is old el paso or  Chi Chi’s, take a pass on this or make your own)

2 Tsp. garlic powder

2- Tbls. Chili powder

12- Oz. Queso blanco cheese shredded

8 Oz. Colby cheese shredded

1- 9″ skillet cornbread 1″ thick (Not sweet) or any corn bread cut to 1″

*Note: Using 9” you will have some left over


*Fry the hamburger with the onion, jalapenos and garlic. Keep warm

*Cut cornbread to fit into pan, lining the bottom completely

*Have the enchilada sauce heated in a pan and pour half over

the cornbread

*Sprinkle on half of the chili powder and half of the garlic powder

*Spread a layer of Queso cheese on evenly using half of required amount

*Spread the hamburger mix evenly over the top

*Put on the remaining Queso and Colby cheese

*Pour remaining enchilada sauce over the top and sprinkle with

remaining chili and garlic powder

*Cook in pre-heated 350 oven for 35 minutes

*Let stand 5 minutes before serving

NOTE: If you are after the real Enchilada and don’t mind

serious prep time go here:



4 responses to “Southern cornbread Enchiladas(Casserole)

  1. I like the real enchilada recipe,would taste much better.
    The wife is into new casseroles and trying new recipes lately-I’m going to show her this one.
    Maybe I’ll get it for dinner tonight or tomorrow night.
    I’m banned from cooking in our kitchen except for holidays and parties-wife says I use way too many pots,pans and utensils, have too many people doing too many different things at the same time and need to understand that I’m not running a hotel kitchen anymore and I don’t have potwashers and prep cooks.
    I thought the kids made good prep cooks-and she is the one who volunteered to wash dishes.

  2. Your sandwich sounds great-that’s about the kind of mess I make-if you want good food,it takes lots of prep work.
    The wife likes the cornbread enchilada casserole recipe,so I’ll get it for dinner soon.
    Funny how even if I’m banned from cooking-she still asks me how to make stuff,and if her new recipes are going to work or not. Some of the crap that’s published in magazines lately wouldn’t even make decent dog food.

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