Yeah, I know a hurricane is coming

But at least I don’t have to worry about this

5 responses to “Yeah, I know a hurricane is coming

  1. Got you two on my mind. Stay safe.

  2. Jay – I just posted this at Bunkerville – he is in Florida too –

    An FYI in case you have internet –
    “Friends, due to the scope and potential severity of Hurricane Matthew we are going to suspend traditional research and discussion threads so that we (specifically me) can focus all attention on any Tree House member who might need assistance in this storm.
    Remember, no-one is ever alone. As Americans, we are always at our best when our nation is in its greatest need. We are a UNITED states.”

    Last night I was reading another thread there on the storm and it was so amazing how many people in Florida were making connections with each other, I suspect this thread will do the same.

    • I had a couple of people I offered shelter to but they were good. In addition to my home there is office space with a sleeper at my business and a pop up camper.

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