Copyright 10/5/2016


It seems like certain people did not like me abusing their copyrighted thin blue line flag image

Therefore I have made my own using a 48 star flag image

My desktop scanner

A #2 lead pencil

A strip of blue painters type

So, go ahead and fuck off and take your ball and go home


2 responses to “Copyright 10/5/2016

  1. The image won’t show — I am sorry you have gone through this I have been so involved in work and personal have neglected blogging. Would love to see the other as well.

  2. Who the heck would have a problem using a flag… Oh, nevermind.

    Too many douchebags in the world, on both sides of the issues. Even worse when someone on supposedly your own side torpedoes you. What’s that old line? “Friendly fire ain’t.”

    Personally, I like the 48 star flag. Will gladly get rid of Hawaii and California. or maybe Mass. and Cali. to go back to it. Your version is nice.

    Or, just say “Gofarkya’ to the turdburgling rablerousers. Did they actually copyright that? Geez.

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