Feds using local LEO to collect license plate data from gun shows

“Federal agents have persuaded police officers to scan license plates to gather information about gun-show customers, government emails show, raising questions about how officials monitor constitutionally protected activity.

Emails reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency crafted a plan in 2010 to use license-plate readers—devices that record the plate numbers of all passing cars—at gun shows in Southern California, including one in Del Mar, not far from the Mexican border.

Agents then compared that information to cars that crossed the border, hoping to find gun smugglers, according to the documents and interviews with law-enforcement officials with knowledge of the operation.

The investigative tactic concerns privacy and guns-rights advocates, who call it an invasion of privacy. The law-enforcement officials say it is an important and legal tool for pursuing dangerous, hard-to-track illegal activity.

There is no indication the gun-show surveillance led to any arrests or investigative leads, but the officials didn’t rule out that such surveillance may have happened elsewhere. The agency has no written policy on its use of license-plate readers and could engage in similar surveillance in the future, they said.”


Nothing at all to worry about here

I am sure that they are not profiling white, political veteran types

2 responses to “Feds using local LEO to collect license plate data from gun shows

  1. Reblogged this on Dave Alexander & Company with David Edgren and Gus Bailey – The Artisan Craft Blog and commented:
    We stop this kind of thing early, or never. It is an invasion of privacy. Can I get a license plate reader and wander over to the Sierra Club or Friends of the Earth meeting? Can government?


  2. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Good reason to park far away and take public transportation-(where available)- to gun shows…


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