Do I really hate Mondays that much?

Short answer: Yes

On the weekend I actually have the opportunity to turn business off for a few

That ends on Sunday night when I start to obsess again, which results in chronic insomnia

Even after not sleeping most of the night I usually wake up around 4:30 A.M. in a full blown panic attack

Now instead of sleeping, I get to plan out my work week and do all of my problem solving in bed in the early morning hours

Usually, I will fall back asleep about 10 minutes before the alarm goes off

Rule #1 at my business: Don’t fuck with me on Monday A.M.

Any other time we are good


2 responses to “Do I really hate Mondays that much?

  1. The grass finally dried out enough to mow today after weeks of rain so I got off work early today went to fire up the mower and ‘WHIRRRRRR!!!!!’

    The gear on the new starter I put on it two months ago stripped completely out. So tomorrow I get to rip it all apart and see if I can retrofit the old gear to the new motor.

    Because Wednesday it starts to rain again for another three days.

    Monday? Oh yes!

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