Student arrested after showing up at #Bowelmovementsmatter protest in Gorilla mask and handing out bananas

“An East Tennessee State University student was arrested Wednesday after going to a Black Lives Matter protest on campus wearing a gorilla mask and handing out bananas.

Tristan Rettke, an 18-year-old freshman, wore overalls and a gorilla mask and, wandering barefoot while holding a burlap sack with a Confederate flag and a marijuana leaf on it, offered bananas to students who were protesting, according to a report by ETSU police. He was arrested and charged with civil rights intimidation.

According to campus police, after being read his rights Rettke told officers that a couple of days earlier he had seen on social media that there would be a Black Lives Matter event in the “free speech” area of Borchuck Plaza on the Johnson City, Tenn., campus. He said he went to a store Tuesday to buy rope to tie to a bunch of bananas. While there he also bought the mask and brought it all to the event on Wednesday.

According to the police report, Rettke said the stunt was an attempt to provoke the protesters.

Rettke did not immediately respond to messages from The Washington Post seeking comment Thursday.

In a video posted on social media, the protesters appear to be trying to ignore Rettke, although one protester says on the video that his hands are shaking with anger. A woman at the protest called police.”

Go to the article and read the comments

Lots there about the “Alt right”

Trump the racist , etc.

But no one seems to take offense at the sign above

“Black lives matter, All lives don’t”

Now that’s not racist at all

4 responses to “Student arrested after showing up at #Bowelmovementsmatter protest in Gorilla mask and handing out bananas

  1. The symbol in the middle of the sign is a mathematical symbol for “not equal”. In context with this sign, it reads “Black lives matter does not mean all lives don’t”

  2. One of the WaPo comments: “Incitement is not protected–Like screaming fire in a crowded theater.”

    Anyone ever seen, heard of, or read about someone screaming fire in a crowded theater?

    Charged and prosecuted for it?

    Can Kaepernick burn a US flag in a crowded movie theater?

    Sarc off.

  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    Well, color me racist! I thought it was funny as hell and also a good example of how free speech is being taken away. You may not like what I say and you don’t have to, it’s still my right. Just like you stand up for the black football player when he did the kneeling. That offended many people. But it is his right but he doesn’t have a right to his job. They can dump him any time when his actions cost the owners money.

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