Blue gun Dojo: The beginning


7 responses to “Blue gun Dojo: The beginning

  1. That’s fucking hilarious. Reminds me of the asswhipping I got from one of my Uncle Pete’s fighting cocks.

  2. Them roosters don’t take no shit, lol.

  3. damn… whiskey out my nose stings… that. is. some. funny. shit. right. there.
    how did you get a hold of Sammy’s childhood movies?

  4. My brother was attacked by one of granma’s banty roosters. He was about three, maybe four, years old, and that rooster had him on his back screamin’ bloody murder with the rooster pecking his eyes and nose.

    Mom and gramma chased that rooster around the yard for a couple hours. Guess what we had for supper that night.

    Then there was the time a BIL and I were attacked by a flock of wild turkeys… thank God those van doors were well oiled.

  5. Talk about wetting his pants at belt-buckle range…

  6. You too wirecutter59? When I was 4 or 5 we had a rooster that had me running scared. My dad thought it would be a good lesson to lock me in the chicken pen with him. I don’t know what messed me up more, the rooster or the cuts from the chicken wire as I climbed out.

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