House Dems “We just lost”




4 responses to “House Dems “We just lost”

  1. Heh.

  2. You

    ~ODE TO THE POND SCUM~~~~~~~
    Their house of cards has just been crashed,
    Upon the anvil of justice their balls we have smashed,
    Their grandiose schemes have been rendered asunder,
    The great unwashed will correct their blunder,
    Their dreams of utopia have just been dashed.

    Sensing a defeat that may be forthcoming,
    These dog pecker gnats they be a humming,
    While the inmates of the asylum are in a circle jerking,
    The buzzards of retribution they be a circling,
    There will be a conclusion that may be stunning.

    Keynesian socialism has run it’s course,
    It’s time to dismount from this dying horse,
    The social engineers have had their kicks,
    Time to send them across the river styx,
    The republic needs to file for divorce.

    Obammer the munificent along with his political sluts,
    Are busy circling the wagons and covering their nuts,
    The rats are scurrying to leave their sinking ship,
    Their diminutive balls we will clip,clip,clip,
    may he experience the death of a thousand cuts

  3. rightwingterrorist

    Dark money sounds rather raysis to me.
    At a very minimum a microaggression, I need a safe place.

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